Friday the 13th: between superstitions and games of chance

Considered by some to be lucky or unlucky, Friday the 13th is synonymous with superstitions. The opportunity for Reunionese to try their luck at the games of the Française Des Jeux.

It’s Friday the 13th. A lucky day for 31% of French people according to an IFOP-Flash survey, some Reunionese even go to the shops to be able to play and try their luck.

Games of chance are popular

It is in the hope of winning the jackpot that some customers find themselves in the shops on this Friday the 13th: “We really believe in Friday the 13th, explains a man, so there with my games I’m going to play at 1:13 p.m. to have a better chance of winning again”. “It’s Friday the 13th so we’re trying everything for everything”smiled a woman.

13 million euros for the Super Loto and 17 million for the Euromillions, to maximize their chances of winning, the Reunionese have small methods: “I always play the same numbers, whether it’s the lotto or the euromillions”, says a man. Another speaks “No, I choose numbers at random”.

One lucky day ?

The origins of Friday the 13th are diverse. At the level of the Christian religion, Friday is the day of the crucifixion of Christ and the number 13 is associated with Judas. For Muslims, Friday is also a holy day and in Judaism, it is a time of preparation for Shabbat.

For the FDJ, it is a day of increased attendance, which has increased by more than 20%: “For attendance on Friday the 13th, in general we have 3 times more people who come to play because of superstitions”explains a trader.

Lucky day or not, you still have to be careful, the game can involve the risk of addiction.

Patrick Riviere.

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