French people totally addicted to their digital subscriptions

Netflix, Spotify or even Le Figaro, how many subscriptions are there per household? What is their cost? BearingPoint’s Submix study takes a comprehensive look at this market.

Stacking digital subscriptions has become a national sport. There was already Netflix at home, but the youngest demanded access to Disney +, “You understand, dad, it’s to better experience this new confinement”, he pleaded with a smile. On each of the smartphones in the household, there is a subscription to a music streaming service: Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Very early in the morning and again very late in the evening, parents consult the information on the app. Figaro or that of World, without forgetting to read the hot sports comments on that of The teamon the evening of a Champions League match.

For all those who have tasted it, the digital subscription has become a kind of addiction. Pretend you want to delete the family’s Netflix account and you will immediately have a teenage revolt. Delete Spotify and your days will be sadder; Go a day without your favorite diary notifications and you will be lost. Within

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