French cops rescue girls via social media

French police managed to track down a girl using Snapchat. The youth was held by kidnappers.

the essentials in brief

  • French police were able to rescue a missing 14-year-old girl via Snapchat.
  • The emergency services used the GPS location in the app, said a police spokesman.

With the help of the Snapchat app, police officers in the southern French city of Marseille rescued a young woman who was being held captive. The emergency services used the GPS location in the app, said a police spokesman on Sunday evening. The youth had injuries. French media reported that the girl had been raped several times.

The two men who were in the apartment with the 14-year-old were taken into police custody. The judiciary initiated investigations against the men, as the broadcaster France 3 wrote with reference to the Marseille public prosecutor.

Thanks to Snapchat, girls are back with family

According to the reports, the girl from the Ardèche department had run away from home. On Friday morning, the imprisoned 14-year-old then contacted her family via Snapchat, who alerted the police. The girl herself did not know where she was. As the broadcaster BFMTV reported, the teenager is now back with her family.

According to the broadcaster France Bleu, the two arrested men denied having held the girl. They also stated that the sexual contact was consensual and that they did not know the girl’s age.

In France, consent to sexual practices cannot be given under the age of 15. Sexual acts by adults on children under this age threshold are punishable by law.

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