Four nurses who went to vaccinate a school in Xàtiva receive insults from “murderers” on networks

Four nurses have been attacked on social networks for going to the La Inmaculada de Xátiva school, in Valencia, to administer the coronavirus vaccine to the center’s students.

When the school uploaded a photo to the social networks of the health workers to publicly thank them for their work “for having taken care of our students with such patience and affection, making the vaccination process an easy and simple procedure for families and teachers”, a user took a screenshot of the post and reshared it referring to the nurses as “assassins”.

“Here you have the team of assassins who were inoculating the poison today in La Beni (name by which the center is popularly known) in Xàtiva,” he wrote.

The woman assured that the four health workers were “injecting poison” into the little ones. According to the newspaper ‘Levante’, the management of the Xàtiva-Ontinyent Department of Health has appeared at the offices of the National Police and at the headquarters of the capital’s courts to file the corresponding complaint in defense of the honor of the attacked nurses .

The health companies, for their part, have put the case in the hands of the Police and the Ministry of Health.

The childhood vaccination campaign continues

In parallel, the childhood vaccination campaign progress in Spain. So far, just over 1.3 million have been pediatric doses, so that 40% of children between 5 and 11 years old already have their first puncture of protection against Sars-Cov-2 and its variants.

The second dose is received at 8 weeks, so it will be in mid-February when Spain begins to have the first children in this age range with the pattern completed, although the peak of the immune boost provided by the second puncture will be effective after 14 days.

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