Sport Formula 1: After RTL-pop Is a billionaire and Hoeness-friend...

Formula 1: After RTL-pop Is a billionaire and Hoeness-friend of hope for German?


RTL pulls back from 2021, from the formula 1. There are the Motorsport-to see the king class from now on exclusively at Sky – or the Austrian ServusTV?

  • The Formula 1* and the transmitter RTL go their separate ways after this season.
  • How RTL announced, the TV channel according to the season 2020 from the Live Coverage out.
  • Since 1991 shows RTL the Formula 1 in Germany.
  • Formula 1 exclusively at Sky? ServusTV of Red Bull Boss Dietrich Mateschitz should have interest.

Update of 22. June, 11.30 Am: It is a real TV-Hammer! From next season (2021), the Formula 1 not RTL to see on Free TV, but only in the case of Sky.

TV rights in formula 1: ServusTV as an Option for German Motorsport Fans?

For German Motorsport Fans could, however, arise a kind of slip angle. So brings the Portal a possible involvement of the Austrian transmitter ServusTV into the game. It is a subsidiary of the Red Bull group of billionaire Dietrich Mateschitzthat, in turn, for years, a private Formula 1 Team maintains.

The Motorsport Portal relies on an Interview Red Bull-Founder and Boss with the Salzburger Nachrichten in February 2020. “We are, in principle, not a sports channel”, had Mateschitz at the time, said: “We have to consider such a possibility good.”

Red Bull Founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

© dpa / Jan Woitas

And yet the 76-year-old Mateschitz, who is friends with FC Bayern honorary President Uli Hoeness* castle, the acquisition of TV Rights at the prominent Motorsport series is not.

Formula 1 Rights for a station is always interesting, but we can now say anything. We must wait and see how the ORF decides and what Sky power”, said Mateschitz at the time: “It just depends on the market situation. We observe, and which must always be interesting.“

Also DerStandard had an interest of ServusTV on the TV, and Streaming-marketing reports. Accordingly, the public service ORF his wool but TV rights to the formula 1 extend.

What does this mean for German Motorsport audience? Both the ORF as well as ServusTV in the South of the Republic part can be received. Just when watching via the Online media library is likely to be, however, the question of whether the Formula 1 Transmission outside of Austria locked would be.

It remains to be kinky and exciting.

TV rights in formula 1: RTL climbs out after almost three decades

Initial Report – Munich – Bitter news for all German formula 1 Fans. RTL

announced, after this season from reporting out. The channel is showing the formula 1 since 1991.

Where the Formula 1* from 2021 onwards will be shown, is not yet known. However, there is the fear that the king class of motor sport overflows from next season to Pay-TV. So far, the Pay-TV broadcaster Sky revealed the formula 1, but also in the case of Sky, the broadcasting rights are to expire at the end of the season.

RTL climbs out of formula 1: “If competitors are in the game, which are ready to offer the Double…”

“If Competitors in the game, which are ready to offer the Double, must deal with an opt-out scenario, necessarily,“ said RTL sports chief Manfred Loppe.

“The competition for the TV rights has changed, the market is overheated, and thus is quite ambitious, yet economically viable framework to leave, we have set ourselves,” said RTLManaging Director Jörg Graf and announced: “We will now, with all the strength, passion and joy on the Football as a TV sports number 1 and our recently acquired right package focus.“

RTL shows no formula 1 – is the exit, Vettel’s at Ferrari and one of the reasons?

RTL accompanied, since 1991, the Formula 1* in Germany, and thus the meteoric rise of Michael Schumacher for the record of world champion. The departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari* could the next year and the likely scenario that there is a coming season is no German racing driver in the formula 1, in the case of the decision of RTL also have played a role.

Maybe it pulls a Vettel, but Ferrari’s rivals Mercedes, the Ferrari boss said recently about a change and surprised with a Hamilton statement.

In the area of football RTL currently has Transfer of rights the Countries games as well as for the Europa League and the new Europe Conference League. The Conference League to be held from the season 2021/22 and after the Champions League and the Europa League is the third most important continental competition in Europe.

However, the RTL collides with another decision, to little positive response from the audience. They therefore threaten to boycott the show.


* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Section list image: © RTL


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