Former Miss Universe (29) has to cover up ‘too daring’ outfit before she can fly

Olivia Culpo, 29, was crowned Miss Universe in 2012 after first taking home the coveted title of Miss USA. The former miss has more than five million followers on social media and regularly shares snaps and videos about her life. It was on Instagram that she expressed her dismay at the disappointing start of what was supposed to be a fun outing with her boyfriend – American football player Christian McCaffrey – and sister Aurore. Olivia wanted to check in in a sports bra and cycling shorts but was called to the counter because the outfit was “too risqué”.

Source: Daily Mail, Instagram

“She had to put on a blouse or she couldn’t fly,” said her sister, who filmed everything. “She looks cute and decent, though.” Olivia also found an ally among the other passengers who, according to the sisters, was dressed as ‘boldly’ as the former Miss Universe. “She’s all covered up,” the woman admitted to the camera. “My breasts are hanging out.”

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Airline American Airlines has a dress code for her passengers, but the rules are vague according to Olivia. “It just says that you should wear decent clothes that are not offensive and that you should not go barefoot. I’m confused, is my dress offensive or not decent?”



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