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Former Google CEO warns in a new Cold war against China and Huawei


The multi-billionaire and former IT executives Eric Schmidt says the US had poor cards in the technology race with China. Image: EPA

“Unacceptable practices”: that’s Why the former Google boss warns against Huawei

The American top Manager and multi-billionaire Eric Schmidt refers to in the trade war against China is clear.

Eric Schmidt, according to a recent BBC report, believe that the Chinese government spying by using Huawei in the United States. The Chinese company is a challenge to national security and have committed unacceptable acts.

According to the former Google executives standing, it is out of the question, that information of Huawei routers were finally in the hands of the Chinese state. How this happened was unclear, it was only sure that it happened.

Huawei has denied allegations that customers ‘ data to Chinese authorities and to be an extended Arm of the regime in Beijing.

With the recent attack from the United States, the head of Huawei UK and took a position. Victor Zhang disagreed with the allegations of Schmidt. They were “simply not true,” he told the BBC, and stressed that there is no proof of that. Huawei is a private company, independent of any governments, including the Chinese.

Schmidt had only been abandoned recently his consultant post at the Google parent company, Alphabet, and was changed to the Defence Innovation Board of the U.S. Department of defense (Pentagon). The USA have expressed 2019 a trade ban against Huawei, which prohibits companies such as Google, to cooperate with the company.

The new Cold war

Huawei is a Chinese company operating at a global level, and better products and manufacturing than its competitors – this is from the US point of view, the real Problem and the challenge for the government, says Schmidt. However, it is extremely important to have a selection.

Schmidt denies, according to the BBC report, that the Chinese model of state-driven investment in technology is successful as a model of free market economy. However, he was of the view that the West should make the Best out of his Strengths:

  • More investing in research.
  • A stronger cooperation between the private sector, the state and the academic world to make sure.
  • Remain open for the best talents from all over the world.

The rise of nationalism and protectionism in the world was “very worrying”, says Schmidt. And to address his own people judged, recalled the 65-Year-old to the fact that more than half of the Start-ups in Silicon Valley, foreign-born state had been founded members.

The adult in the Google leading trio, as before geflachst was: Eric Schmidt with Co-founders Sergey Brin (left) and Larry Page. archive picture: AP

Schmidt, a qualified computer scientist, sat in the Board of Directors of Industry giants such as Xerox, Sun Microsystems and Apple. In 2001, he was one of the top executives at Google and as of 2011, the CEO, and was instrumental in the growth of the search engine giant in connection with the Android operating system is crucial. After the restructuring of the group, he joined the Board of Directors of Alphabet.

In 2017, he gave up his post of CEO and left in June 2019, the Silicon Valley group, to devote himself to scientific and philanthropic goals. He founded the Deep-Life of the project, the huge amounts of data for synthetic biology to collect and to make it available. His fortune amounts to about 16 billion dollars, which he is currently ranked 76 on the Forbes ranking list of multi-billionaires.

BBC Radio will also broadcast the Interview with Eric Schmidt, under the title of “The New Tech Cold war”.



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