Forensic experts will study the case of a woman who reported having received six doses of anticovid vaccine

The Palmares neighbor who reported having received six doses of the anticovid vaccine in a single shot will be assessed at the forensic level to determine a possible disability.

Shirley Bolaños told telenews the previous December, having been the victim of the error when the COVID-19 vaccine was placed.

According to the woman’s lawyer, this Monday they visited the San Ramón Prosecutor’s Office, where they informed her about the rights so that a process can be constituted that allows her to be reviewed again by a forensic doctor and determine a possible disability due to the consequences suffered after the wrong application.

In addition, he assured that the judicial authorities have already identified the official who misplaced the dose to this user.

Bolaños indicated that he still has sequelae from the overdose of the vaccine, and which are treated privately.

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