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Ford Transit and Transit Custom received a “crossover” options — auto review


Fashion pseudovadonia version from the manufacturers of cars can be traced for a long time. The recipe for this sort of rework is simple: give light weight car elements of unpainted plastic, set of wheels more, slightly increase ground clearance and add to the title something like “Cross” and all, you can go to storm the borders of the urban jungle or even graders from suburban areas. Commercial growers in this plan for a long time stayed away — but only until recently. Thus, the company Ford has presented two “crossover” family for their Transits.

Console Trail got the name big Transit and freight Transit Custom. From their “civilian” counterparts, they differ black front grilles in the style of the Ranger pickup truck, wheels of special design and traditional skirts of black plastic around the perimeter of the body. In the cabins as a base of equipment — seat trim “skin” that is easy to wash, climate control, and rain and light sensors and automatically folding side mirrors.

A distinctive feature of vans in version Trail — massive black grille with large FORD lettering

How any major technical differences from conventional road cars with such a formidable appearance at the Transits in version Trail is not observed. They are equipped with the same two-liter engine capacity of 185 HP and Available options MHEV with a small 48-volt battery that helps the main engine.

The main feature of the interior — leather seat upholstery

All-wheel drive is available only for some versions of the big Transit Trail. Talking about initially, rear-wheel drive transmission with automatically connected front bridge. When slippage of the rear wheels on the front may account for up to half of torque. Also have the ability to block and force transmission in the ratio of 50:50 between the axles.

As for the other versions of big Transits in version Trail and all Trail Custom options, they are content with only front wheel drive. As an assistant on the roads here it is possible to rely solely on corporate Ford differential, redistributing torque between the front wheels, for Trail options, it is available as basic equipment.

Transit and Tourneo Custom Active

But for vans Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom in the vans version Active this system is only offered as an option. The Active variant is essentially a simplified version of the Trail.

Salon Active Tourneo Custom sports special trim seats

Outside of such Customi look almost standard — they give only the rails on the roofs so unpainted plastic in the “contact” field. Seats in the cabin of the passenger Tourneo Active trimmed with leather, and they can move and distribute as you please.

Crossover version of the big Transits and custom bikes in Europe will be available in late summer. And by the end of the year will join them and “raised heels” Active Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect is Active. More information about them will appear later.



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