For Windows 11 are not the previous generation and how to shake back

What is new is the fault of jin. This also applies to software, Windows 11 does not exclude. Let’s take a look at the changes that took place in Windows 11, but they might not be in love.

1.Opening a file location is not effective

The integrated search function in Windows allows you to open this file directly or go directly to the folder where it is located. This is how easy it is to work with files, you need to upload them to e-mail, etc. In Windows 11, this is not possible. There are now only two options: to copy the whole way and open it. Often neither is needed, so according to mistakes.

Pedplatn now 3 msce only for 1 K

If it offers the first 3 months in 1 K, then in 39 K ms. Membership is possible to cancel at any time and is without volume. * Salary only for new users.

Ji mte pedplatn? Pihlaste se a tte dl.


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