Health For vaccine voluntarily Covid-19-viruses inject

For vaccine voluntarily Covid-19-viruses inject


In order to accelerate the development of a vaccine, to inject the activist Josh Morrison, a charge corona virus in the nose. It is a tricky business, which he promoted with his organization “1 Day Sooner”.

NZZ accent: Corona in the nose

David Bird, Benedikt Hofer

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So-called provocation tests, the vaccine research is rapidly advancing. Scientists inject a subject with a Testvakzin, in a next step, he then administered the Virus. Thus, the effectiveness of a vaccine can be tested much faster than if you wait for a random infection. Josh Morrison, and with him close to 30 000 Volunteers want to make in the case of Covid-19 now available.

According to the science journalist Stephanie Lahrtz be carried out such a provocation studies usually only on animals – only on well-studied virus diseases to people. At Covid-19, the medicine knows little, so Lahrtz in conversation with David bird. In particular, about long-term damage, you know too little.

What Josh Morrison propagated, i.e., can be fatal. And whose is the young man from Brooklyn was well aware. Which is why he wants to do it anyway, and what scientists and ethicists to the idea, say, of Stephanie Lahrtz reported in the latest NZZ accent.

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