For Three Weeks There Have Been 26 DHF Cases in Kediri Regency

DISTRICT, JP Radar Kediri– Cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) decreased in the first three weeks of 2022. During the three weeks of January there were 26 incidents. Fewer than last year, which occurred 39 cases.

Even so, the Kediri District Health Office (Dinkes) still asks residents to continue to carry out the mosquito nest eradication movement (PSN). The Acting Head of the District Health Office, Dr. Achmad Khotib, said that the decline in cases could not be taken lightly.

Given, the rainy season is still happening in his working area. “In order to reactivate residents for the PSN movement at the village level,” he said.

The PSN movement includes 3M. Namely, burying puddles of water, draining water reservoirs, and closing containers that have the potential to become breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

“At least once a week, regardless of the change of season is also better. Because it is currently the rainy season and the potential for inundation is higher, “explained Khotib.

He explained that with the declining trend of dengue cases, he also saw developments in the regions. At this time, continued Khotib, the steps to carry out PSN are considered safer. The reason is, the movement is an effort to prevent it.

Asked about fogging, Khotib stated that the Kediri District Health Office had not done it. This is because his party will still collect data in areas with a high case pattern in each village.

“See first. If possible one environment only 1-2 people, no need fogging, but direct handling. If there are more than 10 people in one environment, maybe it can only be done,” he explained.

In order to avoid an increase in DB cases, according to him, in addition to using fogging, the health office instructed the village head (kades) to activate PSN cadres in his village.

In addition, the community can independently prevent it by keeping the environment clean. “The most important thing is that the environment is clean. No mosquito larvae in puddles. The key is one, routinely looking around the house,” said the man with the mustache. (Syi/ndr)

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