For the first time a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the United States was led by a woman

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For the first time in US history, a woman became the captain of a nuclear aircraft carrier

For the first time in the history of the United States Navy, a woman is in command of the deployment of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

In the United States, the first woman to command a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (USS Abraham Lincoln) Amy Bauernschmidt took her crew out to sea. The portal informs about it. Military.

Under her command, the ship, along with a strike group, sailed from San Diego to the planned deployment zone with the world’s oceans.

Bauernschmidt assumed command of the aircraft carrier in August.

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The captain walked to this event for 27 long years. Bauernschmidt graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1994. Her senior class was the first in which women were allowed to serve aboard warships. In 1996, Bauernschmidt was appointed pilot of carrier-based aircraft. She has 3,000 flight hours on her account.

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