For example, Pat Krimson proposed to his Loredana: “I thought it was hidden camera”


Loredana didn’t believe it at first, when Pat Krimson proposed to her in an extremely romantic setting. But it was indeed the case, the two said during 24 hours live. “I’m a romantic, you know,” Krimson said.

After their live performance on Saturday night during 24 hours, Pat Krimson and Loredana talked about the marriage proposal. “It was abroad,” Krimson said. “During dinner in a cave. I had it completely decorated with flowers. It was in my favorite place. It was really beautiful.”

Loredana at first didn’t believe what was happening. “Do you really mean thisI said ten times. I thought it was hidden camera. But of course I said yes. It was very beautiful.” Krimson beamed with pride. “I’m a romantic, you know.”

The two announced last week that they were engaged. They have been a couple for seven years and together they form 2 Fabiola.

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