Foothills of Hurricane “Ida” – record storm after “Ida”: deaths, emergency and chaos in New York – News

  • A record storm after Hurricane “Ida” has caused flash floods and severe flooding in the north-east of the USA.
  • At least 44 people have died since Wednesday evening.
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency.

Devastation caused by storm “Ida”

In much of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, residents are grappling with flooded basements and power outages. Many are still trapped in their homes by the floodwaters.

Cars have been washed away by the foothills of tropical storm Ida, and the subway lines in New York City are under water. “Ida” had previously swept across the Gulf Coast with hurricane strength. Whole towns were destroyed, the damage runs into billions.

Most people in New Jersey died when they were caught in the floods in their cars, Governor Phil Murphy said on Twitter.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of at least 13 deaths in the metropolis on Thursday. Most of them died when their basement apartments were flooded. Such apartments located below street level represent a cheaper alternative in the expensive New York real estate market.

According to the authorities, at least five people have also died in the state of Pennsylvania. One person was hit by a falling tree, another drowned in their car. In Connecticut, an officer died when his squad car was caught in flood waters.

Six tornadoes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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According to the National Weather Service (NWS), there were a total of six tornadoes in the two states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania on Wednesday. The storms would have reached wind speeds of 121 to 209 km/h. Additional tornadoes were also reported from the state of Maryland.

State of emergency declared in New York

De Blasio had already declared a state of emergency in New York on Wednesday. People should seek shelter in houses and not go out into the streets to allow the rescue workers to work.

The National Weather Service (NWS) had declared a flash flood emergency for New York and the surrounding area for the first time in view of the life-threatening situation. De Blasio was nevertheless surprised by the strength of the storm. Large parts of the subway traffic, which had been completely stopped in the meantime, stood still until Thursday.

Massive rain fell on an unprecedented scale in New York’s Central Park on Wednesday evening. The National Weather Service registered 80 millimeters within just one hour. The record for New York, set at the end of August, was 49 millimeters. Overall, well over 200 millimeters fell in some parts of the region.

In view of the situation, the metropolis imposed an interim travel ban: “All non-emergency vehicles must be off the streets and highways of NYC,” the city said on Twitter.

Biden: “We must act”

US President Joe Biden sees evidence of the climate crisis in the devastating storms, thunderstorms and forest fires in the USA. The country’s infrastructure must be adapted to the threat situation, said Biden. Storms, floods and fires would occur more frequently and be more severe in the future. “We have to take action.”

The White House also announced that Biden would visit the disaster area previously hit by “Ida” in the southern United States on Friday. The President is traveling to New Orleans in the state of Louisiana, it said.

“Ida” hit the coast of the southern state of Louisiana southwest of New Orleans on Sunday as a dangerous four-out-of-five hurricane. The storm then weakened and continued northeast.

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