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Footballer Spartak Larsson: do you Feel that the blood of African heritage. Something that passed through black — terrible — news Premier-League — Football


— You, like many athletes in the world, posted a black square with the tag #BlackOutTuesday. For you is the support of flash mob or has a deeper meaning?

— My grandfather came to Sweden with Guinea-Bissau, when I was young. He’s African and, of course, he’s black. My father had problems when he was growing up, because he is black. Perhaps my skin is not dark color but I still feel in his blood, African heritage, and perceive themselves that way. Of course, this is in some applies to me personally. In the United States this has been happening for many years: police brutality, tyranny against blacks. The police kill them. George Floyd is not the first victim, there were many in a long time. And the death of George Floyd became a point of reference, when the world drew attention to this problem. I hope we can continue to pay her much attention. As to your question, perhaps someone post the black square, because it was popular at the time. More interesting now to see who continues to give this topic much attention, because, in my opinion, is very important.

The important thing for those who are not in who are not too interested in the topic of racism, who knows some the facts is that not only the lives of blacks are important. Not only #blacklivesmatter. Of course, all life is important — #alllivesmatter. But at a particular point in time, we need to draw attention and focus on what is happening in the U.S. and other countries with similar problems. And the significance of this movement, this hashtag #blacklivesmatter — focusing on what is happening now, not what people literally mean.

— I do not consider that this can lead to even greater surge of racism, or to the emergence of new movements: #yellowlivesmatter #redlivesmatter #whitelivesmatter and so on?

I can’t judge that. Can’t know what every person in the world. But what were black people — horrible. And I don’t think to draw attention to it is racism. I don’t think people will shout: “Now, I want a life of these or those were important.” Just those inside of this problem who understands what it is about, focuses on helping blacks in America. That’s what this movement, and there is nothing else here.



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