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Football: Pelé reassures his state of health – News Sports: Football


Described by her son a few days earlier as “reclusive” and living “with a certain form of depression”, Pelé wanted to reassure the general public. “Thank you for your prayers and your concern. I’m fine. I’m going to celebrate my 80th birthday this year. I have good days and others not so good, that’s normal for people my age, says the living football legend in a press release. I am not afraid, I am determined and I have confidence in myself. ”

In an interview published Monday on the site, his son Edinho said that his father’s morale was low, affected by hip problems preventing him from walking normally: “He is quite fragile in terms of mobility (…), which makes him suffers from a form of depression. (…) You imagine, he is the King, he has always been such an imposing figure and today he can no longer walk normally. (…) He is ashamed, he does not want to go out, go to the street. He is withdrawn, lives reclusive. ”

His public appearances are rare

Public appearances of Pelé, considered by many to be the greatest footballer in history, are increasingly rare. In April 2019, he went to Paris to participate in a promotional operation with Kylian Mbappé, but had to be hospitalized due to kidney problems.

Pelé has only had one kidney since the days when he was still a player. A broken rib during a match damaged his right kidney, which was eventually removed. At the end of 2014, he had already been the victim of a serious urinary tract infection and placed in intensive care and on dialysis.

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