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Fluids and vitamins.. 4 girls Lerwick journey of their recovery from the nightmare of Corona


05:00 pm

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Written – Nur Ibrahim:
Didn’t you call the “NADA Essam” that she feels some tiredness and fatigue was the introduction of MERS-CoV “these 19”, but she was able to overcome the disease after isolation of her home.
The Ministry of Health and population, proposed the independence of the sources of Corona on critical situations only to provide beds for them, a claim case simple medium of domestic violence.
Have a “clammy” feel the horror of the paradox of life, and despair of its isolation and its distance from the closest of them, that he began to come back to them hope and life again after the felt is gradually recovering.
“Nada” is one among the 4 girls spoke to the “CareerBuilder”, to reveal the journey of recovery and eliminate the nightmare of Corona and reach safety.
NADA: “that debate it would be almost never.”
“This debate it would be almost never,” describe Nada 24-year-old how she feels about the disease, and began to tell our story. symptoms that appeared them from overheating and cracking in the body, headache, cramps, and diarrhea, I knew that she was infected with Corona, and she was hoping even by simple to be infected with the flu normal, but after being shown the results of conducted tests and analysis such as cbc and CRP وFrretien and D dimer, which demonstrated a positive hit and then I lost hope in healing and return to normal life again.
Started by Nada who live in the governorate of the loan, that can hope after that I felt the gradual improvement with her on a healthy diet based on drinking fluids every half hour, especially that contain vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, eat green peppers, fruit and vegetables next to the medication.
Ruled Nada 14 days of isolation in her room, reducing the feeling of her loneliness, her sense of feeling better after 8 days of intake of drugs prescribed by his doctor, such as eyes use the Zithromax, next eating every day a bottle of vitamin named view, and stepped away completely from eating fats and sugars and replaced them with vitamins.
As for her diet, said she’s been eating at breakfast, boiled egg and Cole milk and half a loaf of bread, cheese and cucumber, pepper and tomato, and for lunch vegetable soup and welded or vacuum boiled.
She noted that the fluid intake constantly contributed in their cooperation such as juices without sugar, and star anise to work raw, and cloves.
Immortality: you to of horror
The immortality of the improved one recovering from the virus, described her feeling after confirmation of a positive alliance as”the you to of horror and fear,” said she began to feel the repetition in the body and difficulty in breathing, cough level.
Remained the immortality of 27 years, two days of high temperature, and tried to resist the pain but she couldn’t, and immediately went to hospital at Cairo, a rise from the horror, but she discovered that the simple theme can be cured of it after he gave the doctor hope.
Indeed, maintained the immortality of the diet health next to medicines, hot drinks and honey mixture with the pond, and stated that these foods are the main cause in the treatment of her, and stepped away from fries and carbonated water, however, improved after 7 days of the onset of symptoms after the expiry of the 14 day recover her health again.
Roar: doctor person I caught a cold cause I’m tired. more
Abrasion roar Azmi from the province of Giza, she felt the loss of smell and taste “we use no smell and it felt pretty simple in the falsely, drink Cobian forget to use the dwelling” are by a small percentage of doubt that she was pregnant MERS-CoV, however, I checked after I woke up because of the heat, cramps in stomach, diarrhea and vomiting.
Decided to roar to go to one of the private clinics to offer herself to a doctor to help her heal, but his diagnosis was a cold and pus in al-Zour, wrote her on drugs to make the virus be able to of her body more and in the deterioration of our health.
She described the roar of the case by stating: “the expression increased even more, have as much as swallow saliva final, they were Bich me juicy Bon Appetit because of the severity of the pain.”
The roar: “I preferred the Categorical Eat and drink until the MIL was out of falsely like Mike fire, cough was the chest, and medicines and anti-life have to stop them.
And then she called her family doctor, according to the description of the roar that Dr. “he crashed I didn’t shaft me and said get stuck in a room alone and enters the solid”.
Commented The Doctor roar lotions and condition after 7 days usually to only drink juices, and then she wanted to be sure to carry the virus through analysis, and after confirmation of an enemy of her collapsed, her mother from the shock.
Then I started eating a group of medicines state injection of anti-site, “the test alone in out the mama night try take eating it and all of its reserves, and it was all eating and the soup and salad vegetables even dealt thank God”.
Esra: I left therapy and was interested in food and drinks:
Among the cases that fought to MERS-CoV in the region, is Esra Yusuf headquarters in the governorate of Giza, where I mentioned it picked up the infection from her mother, who works a nurse at Al Zahra Hospital of the University have been closed because of the emergence of cases of Corona out.
Drew Esra to their weak and because of it felt like it in a disaster, besides that her mother is elderly and can kill the virus in her life, usually a period of horror, fear and her mother’s fear of transmission to other family members.
She added: in the beginning lost my sense of smell, taste, and felt replicating in the body, headache and lack of concentration, the temperature rose to 39.
Esra said that her dad’s a doctor and he gave her some medicines, such as Panadol Extra, zitromax, but both drugs did not affect her condition, and what helped her the most is drinking liquids and soups.
She added :”We’ve been through days of Monster Oy mama and I have the say, from bed, and if our people fall because of imbalance”. As for her diet was to eat at breakfast and dinner eggs, yogurt, and for lunch eat meat or chicken with vegetable soup.



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