‘Florona’ Double Infection of COVID-19 and Influenza Found in Israel

WONOSOBO NEWSIsrael report presence infection double Covid-19 and influenza known as Florona.

Quoted from NDTV, Tuesday, January 3, Israel record the first case diseaseFlorona“, infection double COVID-19 and influenza, Arab News said Thursday.

“#Israel record the first case disease #florona, infection double #COVID19 dan influenza,” tweet Arab News.

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Reported from News18, Tuesday, Florona referred to as a major disturbance of immune system for someone to catch influenza and Covid-19 simultaneously.

The Nature report says that Covid-19 and influenza are both “airborne pathogens that infect the same human tissue”, namely the respiratory tract and cells nose, bronchial, and the lungs.

So, overlap pandemic Covid-19 and cells the lungs seasonal influenza may put large populations under risk high for infection equivalent to the second virus this.

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For spikes in cases, national health providers Israel started giving the fourth vaccine shot against COVID-19 on Friday to individuals with immune system disturbed.


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