Florent Pagny, suffering from cancer, gives his news on video

Florent Pagny spoke to his fans on Tuesday in a video on Instagram. The singer spoke about his illness, at the dawn of his last chemotherapy session.

Almost three months after the start of his cancer treatment, Florent Pagny gave his news on Tuesday, via a video posted on Instagram. “You noticed that I was not very social media so I did not impose a Netflix series on you on my treatment and my story”, he first dropped. “Now that she is almost behind me, with only chemo left, I can tell you that I am doing very well. I changed my look a bit, a bit necessarily since it’s the treatment that wants it, but I’ll get used to it and it will pass, ”continued the 60-year-old artist, appearing with a shaved head.

“The protocol worked rather well since from the first two chemo-immunotherapies, my tumor, which was as big as a kiwi, turned into a hazelnut. […] When all that will be resolved, we will be able to know more about the results but we are very confident, ”he said, facing the camera.

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The interpreter of “My freedom of thought” also took the time to thank his family and his fans: “It went very well because I was very well accompanied medically, because I was very well accompanied by my half, my children and then there was this phenomenon of synchronicity with these thousands of messages and testimonies of love, support, good vibes. I think that too it helped me to pass this story in this way.

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“I’m going to finish “The Voice” [les tournages de la demi-finale et de la finale, ndlr]I’m going to finish the chemo, then I’ll go get stronger, plump up and if all goes well we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started… so it’ll be called the 61 tour”, added the singer before concluding: “Thank you again for everything you sent me and then we meet very quickly, goodbye”.

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In a video posted on his Instagram account on January 25, Florent Pagny had sadly announced that he could not complete his 60-year tour. “I have to cancel all of my concerts due to a health problem. I was just diagnosed with a lung tumor. I’m sorry but health first,” he revealed. Supported by his wife, Azucena Caamaño, the singer said he had returned to “warrior mode” in order to face this “particular ordeal”.

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