News Flémalle, Malmedy, Wavre, Schaerbeek: several schools close their doors...

Flémalle, Malmedy, Wavre, Schaerbeek: several schools close their doors after cases of coronavirus


Several cases of covid have been detected in the schools in brussels and wallonia. Each time, the procedure has been followed and the students were dismissed.

At Flémalle (Liège province)

A second child has been diagnosed positive Covid-19 this Wednesday in an educational institution, located in the Province of Liège. After a student of sixth primary enrolled at the Athénée Royal Ardenne Haute-Fagnes, it is this time of a child’s first nursery school Jean-Marie Léonard, Flémalle, said on Wednesday in the early evening Marc Joos, alderman of education.

The child was absent this day, and presented symptoms similar to angina. It has, however, been tested to see if he had contracted the coronavirus. “The results have been announced today and the parents alerted us”says the alderman.Having been in contact with his other comrades of the mother, within the single bubble is created in this section, the home of more young people is therefore suspended.

“But given that he has a big brother in primary school and that this last was in contact, in his bubble, with the students of the primary school but with different teachers and instructors, we have decided to close the school until further notice”adds Mr. Joos.

The buildings will be thoroughly disinfected before considering a possible re-opening. As to a centre, organised for the parents with difficulties of custody, she will not be able to be put in place for health reasons. Since the reopening of schools in early June, 90 of the 230 students enrolled at the village school Jean-Marie Leonard had returned to the school.

In Malmedy (province de Liège)

Nearly 40 students of two classes of sixth primary of the Athénée Royal Ardennes-High Fens, their brothers and sisters, as well as six members of the teaching staff or support staff have been put in quatorzaine Wednesday after thata student of sixth primary school has been tested positive the coronavirus, said the préfète of studies, Françoise Julien, confirming information of Vedia.

In Wavre (walloon Brabant)

The college Notre Dame Basse Wavre is also affected, and these are all the elementary classes that are closed. Parents were notified Wednesday. All students are requested to remain in quarantine, among them, from today and they will not return to the school before September.

Question: A person from the institution (without specifying if it is a student or a teacher). A person has a relapse of the disease. It has to say to someone who has been contaminated, who was treated and who now presents with new symptoms. The management immediately took the decision to close any school.

In Schaerbeek (Brussels)

The village school schaerbeekoise n°6 has been closed until Friday, the same that the nursery Friends of Mimi adjacent to the school, because a child tested positive at Covid-19, and three others of the same family suspected to be carriers, announced on Tuesday that by the end of the day the municipality of Schaerbeek.

This is a doctor who has called this Tuesday, the direction of the school to alert you that one of the children followed in his medical practice had been tested positive for the coronavirus and that three other children of her siblings also enrolled in the school were suspected to be carriers of the virus. Tests have been requested for the latter. The mother of a family has tested positive to the virus. The child is confirmed as the bearer of the Covid-19 has no symptom that would require hospitalization. He is confined to his home. Advised of the situation, the municipality decided to close the ‘bubbles’ in which were four children.

In Stockel (Brussels)

A student of 6th grade of the village school of Stockel has been tested positive for the Covid-19, announced on Wednesday the administration of the commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. The two little sisters of the boy being also enrolled in the same school in 1st and 4th primary, the town has quarantined the bubbles of the 1st, 4th and 6th of primary school. Adults who have been in direct contact with the children of the family have been quarantined also.



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