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Five quick conclusions is a series that briefly describes a given Lech Poznań match. Before presenting the pros and cons of a given match, match analysis, post-match statistics, analysis of the player’s game or choosing the best action for Kolejorz, we present five quick post-match conclusions. Several dozen minutes after each match, five insights into the performance of the team and individual players are hot.

Great 45 minutes

Lech Poznań came out for this meeting with very good motivation, the same as for the meeting with Garbarnia, in which he was able to quickly score 1-0, settling the competition with 3 goals scored within 32 minutes. Today it was almost the same in Lubin, unfortunately Lech was only leading 2-0, unable to take advantage of many other good situations to score 3 goals. Despite the considerable ineffectiveness, the game from Poznań could really please, literally the whole team was active in the offensive, the center of the field with Murawski and Karlstrom looked very good, noting crosses, key passes or shooting. Determined, playing decidedly Lech did not allow Zagłębie to play the balls, he deleted many actions of the Lubin players already in the vicinity of the middle zone, trying to attack the goal by himself in various ways. In the first half, the team from Poznań was not afraid to change their position on the pitch or shoot from a distance. In the first 45 minutes, each Lech action smelled like a goal, the game from Poznań was very pleasant to watch, and in addition, she could still enjoy the total helplessness of Zagłębie, which breathed a sigh of relief after the whistle of the referee who finished the first half.

Crazy quarter of an hour after the break

Fifteen minutes after the break was shocking for everyone. Not only for fans of Lech and Zagłębie. The Lubinians quickly scored a contact goal after a corner kick, taking advantage of Milicia’s poor covering and the indecisiveness in the goal of Bednarek, who did not even move. Shortly after this goal, the Lech team scored a 3: 1 goal and after the 11th league goal scored between 51 and 60 minutes of the game, it seemed that the team from Poznań was safe. Unfortunately, in the 60th minute Zagłębie again from nothing, due to our mistake after another corner kick by Bednarek’s camel, scored again. The first quarter of an hour after the break was a crazy period in this interesting match, but it was Lech with his compromising attitude in defense who gave life to Zagłębie, which believed in even a draw. The players from Poznań acted irresponsibly at both corners, the defensive was largely due to the much-praised Milić and Bednarek in recent weeks, who unfortunately returned to their average level with today’s babola. Concentrated Lech after 60 minutes should be leading 5: 0, 6: 0, while he was only winning 3: 2.

A dozen or so minutes standing

The game after the 60th minute was a disturbing part of the match against Zagłębie. Lech was stunned by the easy loss of 2 goals, not only the players did not know what happened, why is it only 3: 2 and not 5: 0 or 6: 0? From 61 to 74 minutes the team from Poznań did not play at all, our team stopped, they did not create a situation, the team was not helped by Pedro Tiba’s entry, who showed himself from the back a few times, but flashed from the front only in the 2nd minute of added time, when the referee did not conceded a goal offside. It’s hard to say why Lech looked so bad from 61 to 74 minutes? There are several reasons for sure, the main reason for the standing game seems to be a sudden change in the image of the match due to 2 easily conceded goals, which should not happen to the class team. Especially the goal by Simic should be avoided, Filip Bednarek had no right to intervene so badly.

A problem away from home

Lech clearly has a problem away from home. Today he won the first league match away from October 17, but a better team than Zagłębie could have squeezed us a goal at 3-3. First of all, people from Poznań in foreign territories are very ineffective. in Białystok, Mielec, Łęczna and today in Lubin. In addition, there are many fragments during trips, when Lech loses concentration, having no control over the events on the pitch. There were different moments, for example, in Warsaw, in Łęczna it was Górnik who played better from 31 to 45 minutes, today Zagłębie easily surprised us in the first quarter of an hour after the break, and then Lech stopped for several minutes. We have some kind of away problem, the team has something to work on, especially that on February 19 – March 2, Kolejorz will visit Gdańsk, Szczecin and Upper Silesia for the Polish Cup. Especially in the match against Piast / Górnik, we will not be able to afford any away distraction, such mistakes as in Lubin, because the Polish Cup does not forgive. One stumble and we are not in this competition.

It is really good

The game in Lubin had various fragments, but there is no doubt that Lech won deservedly only too low. The Poznań players disenchanted Lubin, they disenchanted Zagłębie, after 7 consecutive matches without a victory with Miedzowe, they finally found a way to do so. Since September 24, unbeaten Lech lost only in the unfortunate Białystok in 17 rounds and is the leader at the halfway point of the 2021/2022 season. It is really good in many ways, we all have something to be happy about, but of course that’s not the end of this year’s playing. We have 2 autumn matches left, in which we need to do everything so that Lech not only was the leader during the winter break for the first time in 13 years, but also after the 19th round, he had 44 points. For now, he has 1 more than in the whole of last season and by the way an additional problem that the training staff has to deal with somehow. Snow has fallen in Poznań, the frost is expected to persist throughout the next training microcycle, it is not known whether it will be possible to prepare a field with natural grass, perhaps you will have to train on an artificial plate under a balloon. Let’s hope that in the next two weeks the team will avoid muscle injuries.

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