Five key changes in housing. These are the consequences of the Polish Deal

As Bartosz Turek, the chief analyst of HRE Investments points out, The Polish Order for at least several reasons – directly and indirectly – may affect the situation on the housing market. This will include, for example, the effects of changes in the tax system and the construction process. The government also decided directly to influence the housing sector through a loan program without own contribution.

As Bartosz Turek explains, it is specifically about guaranteed home loan program. The introduction of such a solution has been postulated by the HRE Think Tank for many quarters. This idea, translated into a law, will enter into force at the end of May. The program will be available to everyone who does not have their own “M”, but also families who live in an apartment that is too small. Having the creditworthiness and credibility as well as the money needed to carry out the transaction (commissions, fees, notarial fee, taxes), you will be able to take out a loan to buy real estate or build a house without your own contribution or with a small contribution.

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