News Five deaths due to the storm: one person dies...

Five deaths due to the storm: one person dies after being dragged by your vehicle in a flood in Grenada | Society


A person has died this Saturday when the vehicle he was driving in Huescar (Granada) has been swept away by a current of water, as reported by the emergency service 112 Andalusia. According to have pointed out the same sources, the accident occurred about 12:50 hours, at which time the firefighters have been alerted that vehicle had capsized at kilometer 13 of the A-4301, known as the road of the Slab.

The event has been produced to be dragged to the vehicle by a flood, according to sources of the Civil Guard and the fire service from the town of Huéscar, who have had to release the victim, after being trapped inside the car. The armed institute has activated the protocol in court to clarify the circumstances of the death.

Up to 5 fatalities in the temporary

The deep gusts ‘Elsa’ and ‘Fabien’, which from the last day 19, have affected nearly all the country with heavy rainfall and gusts of winds hurricane up to 160 kilometres per hour have left at least six fatal victims in Santiago de Compostela, Asturias, León, Madrid and Granada.

One of the first deaths was a man in the town of Puenxo (Asturias) when he was surprised by the argayo, and left him buried under rocks fallen from the hillside, while in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), another man also died when falling on a wall that collapsed in the park of San Domingos. Another of the deceased was a man of 51 years who lost his life yesterday in Vegas del Condado (León)after falling out with his tractor to a river because of the intense temporary.

In Madrid, the storm claimed the Friday the life of a Korean woman that hit him in the head a rubble despredido of a cornisadel building of the ministry of regional Culture, in the street of Alcala. Also last Friday, a man of Dutch origin, died on the beach of La Bota, Punta Umbria (Huelva). However, this case continued on study waiting to determine it was the temporary maritime the cause of his death. The deceased, retired, and a resident of the area, practiced surf with a mate, who alerted the Police of his disappearance. At 14.30 hours on Friday, Emergency number 112 received the alert for the body of a man floating with a harness and neoprene. The operational services moved to the place confirmed the death of the man, without which nothing could be done to save his life. The latest victim has been a driver died this Saturday to be dragged out of his vehicle by a current of water in the town of Huéscar (Granada).


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