Fishermen call for boycott of Norwegian products for appropriating quota of mackerel


The Nordic country rekindles the ‘mackerel war’ by unilaterally increasing its quota by 55%

The EU fisheries sector
has called on citizens to stop consuming Norwegian products and food retailers and suppliers to stop purchasing Norwegian caught seafood. The request is in response to the illegal appropriation of the European fishing quota by the Norwegian Government that last May unilaterally set its mackerel quota at 298,229 tonnes, an increase of 55% compared to 2020.

In addition,
the sector reiterates the call to the community institutions to close the single market to fish from the Nordic country and eliminate trade preferences granted to products from that country, especially cod and mackerel, as measures to protect EU companies.

According to the fishing industry, there is a large share of mackerel produced in the EU, so there is no need for additional supply to the European market. For Daniel Voces, general director of the association of national organizations of European fishing companies, Europêche,
“Norway seems to have abandoned the path of dialogue and cooperation by deciding unilaterally and bypassing the law to seize the EU fishing quota”, has pointed out.

“He is showing blatant disregard for international law and a lack of respect for the EU as a partner and ally.” For the employers
«They are taking advantage of the UK’s departure and the aftermath of Brexit to illegally appropriate the EU’s cod fishing quota and mackerel with the aggravating circumstance that this reckless and irresponsible behavior has prompted other countries, such as the Faroe Islands, to follow in their footsteps and unilaterally increase their fishing opportunities for mackerel “, he added.

In this sense and regarding this last species, the European employers warn of the danger that a unilateral increase in the quota could endanger the sustainability of the stock in the next two years. For that and, given
Since 60% of the fish caught by Norwegians ends up on the European market, EU fishermen urge citizens to stop consuming seafood from that country.

The mackerel, together with the anchovy and the bonito from the north, represents one of the most important species for the inshore arrantzales of the Basque Country and the rest of the Cantabrian Sea that ‘tremble’ at the repercussions that this war will have on their fishing opportunities.


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