First Reviews ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’: Worth Watching?

The first reviews of Space Jam: A New Legacy are in. This time the film has a leading role for LeBron James, which like predecessor Michael Jordan has to deal with the Looney Tunes and help them win a sports competition. This time there is also a personal interest, because he has to save his child.

In the film, LeBron’s son Dom is trapped in a digital space by an unhinged artificial intelligence. Along with Bugs, Lola Bunny and the entire Looney Tunes gang, LeBron must win a basketball game against a host of professional stars. In addition, the film passes through a lot of Warner Bros. properties and exactly that does not seem to sit well with the critics.

The reviews
Well, we have listed a number of reviews for you in this article.

Slant Magazine: “The film is a thinly veiled excuse for Warner Bros. to renew several copyrights and parade around.”

News AU: “It’s hard not to feel like you’re swimming in the wet dream of a Warner Bros. marketing executive for two hours.”

ComicBook Debate: “Space Jam: A New Legacy is a fun and exciting refresh of the original looney basketball movie. Featuring a charming LeBron James performer, a multiverse of WB characters to explore and the Tunes at their best, the film is for everyone a delight.”

The Only Critic: “Essentially a two-hour commercial for the Warner Bros. conglomerate. Space Jam: A New Legacy takes business synergy and product placement to a whole new level.”

Nerd Reactor: “Space Jam: A New Legacy is a delight from start to finish, from the many WB movie references and the NBA surprises to the delightful Looney Tunes characters.”

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