Firm! Rudi S Kamri Asks Police to Proactively Investigate Babeh Aldo Impact Calls for Reject Vaccine: This is Dangerous!

GALAMEDIA – Social and political observer Rudi S Kamri highlight statement Babeh Aldo regarding refusal of vaccination.

As known, Babeh Aldo outright refused vaccine to challenge the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health).

“You have the right to refuse coercion vaccine, why? Because Ministry of Health do not dare to discuss with the Indonesian people,” he said in a video that circulated on his account Twitter @dickyalbar.

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“And I challenge all parties, both parties Ministry of Health or people who become endorsers vaccine, report me! Otherwise, I will report myself!” he insisted.

Even in his statement, Aldo said Ministry of Health do business with vaccine Covid-19.

“They (Ministry of Health) target your children, if your child is threatened you can’t go to school otherwise vaccine, stop school!” he said aloud.

Aldo feels Ministry of Health not willing to discuss about vaccine that, in particular vaccine child.

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