firefighters and police officers forced to vaccinate

New York followed the lead of other major American cities in making compulsory vaccination for firefighters, police officers and other municipal jobs this Wednesday, October 20. This decision is already causing a stir among the unions.

After teachers and carers, all the professions of the few 160,000 employees New York City Councils will therefore be subject to a strict vaccination obligation, from November 1, from police officers to firefighters via garbage collectors.

Henry Garrido, director of the union of municipal employees, called on all its members to be vaccinated, at the same time asking the city to “sit down with us” to negotiate. But the boss of the city’s main police union, Patrick Lynch, immediately promised tochallenge the mayor’s decision Democrat Bill de Blasio, “to protect the freedoms of our members”, he assured, while recalling that he did not oppose the vaccine.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 is the leading cause of “on duty” death of police officers in the United States, with 237 coronavirus deaths in 2021, compared to 50 by firearms, out of a total of 369.

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