Fire broke out at chemical company 3M in Zwijndrecht

A fire broke out at the chemical company 3M on Canadastraat in Zwijndrecht on Saturday afternoon.

‘It concerns a fire at an incinerator’, says spokeswoman Marie De Clercq. ‘The company fire brigade immediately started putting out the fire, we are on site as support.’ There is little to be seen of the fire outside.

According to the fire service, no toxic substances were released during the fire.

3M was told yesterday to immediately stop discharging hazardous FBSA materials. They may no longer be discharged to the water treatment plant on 3M’s premises, but must be processed according to the best available techniques. In addition, the company is placed under increased supervision, whereby weekly samples are made available to the Environmental Inspectorate. 3M denies that it manipulated its wastewater to lower PFAS and other values.

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