Finland’s President and Prime Minister support NATO membership

In the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, and the Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Sanna Marin, give their support to the entry of the Nordic country into NATO, in a historic decision that breaks with more than eight decades of non-alignment.

They want to apply for membership “Without delay”although there are a few steps left before you can begin the application process.

“NATO membership would strengthen the country’s security. Finland must urgently apply for NATO”they said in a joint statement.

We hope that the steps still necessary at the national level to reach this solution will be taken quickly in the coming days.have pointed.

The Finnish Parliament will begin the debate on joining the Alliance next Monday, but opposition is not expected since the majority of the formations are in favor of giving the green light to the accession process.

Niinisto himself, from the liberal National Coalition party, stated that Finland’s possible accession to NATO is not directed “against anyone”, alluding to Russia, which has been opposed to this decision. The words of the president, known for his support for the country’s accession to the Alliance, are of special importance, since in Finland the head of state directs the country’s foreign policy together with the government.

It is expected that this Saturday the formation of the Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Sanna Marin, traditionally opposed to Finland’s entry into NATO, will communicate its final position.

For its part, Sweden is watching closely the steps of its neighbor and it is very likely that it will also decide to join the Atlantic Alliance in the coming days.

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