Fingerprint: what typosquatting is and how we can protect ourselves

Typosquatting is a technique used to exploit confusion and refers to the registration of domain names similar to real ones, but intentionally misspelled in order to trick victims into believing that they are interacting with the actual organization. Registering such a domain is quick and easy, and attackers can simultaneously register several variants of the legitimate target domain.

In association with misinformation, the typosquatting technique can be identified in the malicious actions of hacktivism, simultaneously affecting the source of information and the reader. The site of the organization targeted in a typosquatting attack may present the actual organization in an unfavorable, misleading or embarrassing way to undermine its credibility; also, such a site may spread false statements that can be erroneously attributed to the legitimate source, altering the perception of the reader who has the feeling that he has accessed a real, reliable source.

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