Filip Pavlović and Tara Tabitha on a flirting course

Sparks can fly between the cockroaches and the outhouse, as the RTL jungle camp has proven several times. Also this year, two participants are on course to flirt – but there are doubts about their feelings.

The 15th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” started on Friday. But the RTL successful format has not only produced numerous jungle kings and queens in recent years, but also some lovers.

In 2012, things got so serious between singer Kim Gloss and actor Rocco Stark that they stayed together for about two years after their time in Australia and had a daughter together. Queensberry star Gabby Rinne and DSDS participant Marco Angelini also flirted in front of the cameras in 2014 and ended up in bed after the finale, as the singer later confirmed.

Flirt or fake in the jungle camp?

Bro’Sis member Indira Weis and ex-US5 singer Jay Khan provided the most legendary jungle romance. In the fifth season, the two became closer in 2011 and made out in front of everyone in the camp pond. But at the latest when the model and fellow camper Sarah Knappik claimed that the singer had offered her to stage a liaison in the run-up to the show, doubts about the authenticity of the feelings were raised.

This is also the case with the most recent overtures in the camp. Ex-“Bachelorette” candidate Filip Pavlovic and reality star Tara Tabitha went on a flirting course on day one. The Austrian makes no secret of her interest in her roommate. And the 28-year-old doesn’t seem to be averse either. “I’m glad you’re here,” he confessed to her around the campfire. Again and again the two seek physical contact, as you can see in our photo show.

Tara can hardly stop raving about Filip, but “I don’t want people to think that we’re doing a show for the quota either, because that’s not it,” she assured the other campers. The viewers don’t believe her, though.

“Clear Marketing Manoeuvre”

Doubtful comments are piling up on Twitter. “Tara and Filip are even more fake than Jay and Indira,” writes a user. “Taras and Filip’s upcoming love story is about as real as Glööckler’s face,” says another.

Many even believe that the two knew each other before the jungle camp and could have agreed. “Transparent marketing maneuver,” calls it a Twitter user. “That’s how you get the airtime,” reads another comment.

Both Tara and Filip are known for their participation in various dating shows. The 28-year-old was a candidate for “The Bachelorette” in 2018, followed by the offshoot format “Bachelor in Paradise”. He was also seen on “Like Me – I’m famous”, the Sat.1 “Promiboxen” and the Jungle Camp replacement show last year, where he secured the golden ticket for this season.

Tara has been a reality star in her native Austria for years. In this country she became known for her participation in the dome show “Ex on the Beach”. There she met her ex-boyfriend Eric Sindermann, whom viewers know from the past “Celebrity Big Brother” season.

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