FilGoal | News | Samir Halabiya in the Joule: Al-Masry will not conduct smears before the Pyramids meeting … there must be a re-planning

Ahmed Gomaa scores and celebrates Al-Masry’s first goal in Mansoura

Egyptian President Samir Halabiya announced that his club did not intend to conduct medical swabs before meeting Pyramids, stressing that they do not have the financial ability to bear the costs.

Samir Halabiya told today, Monday: “We will not conduct swabs before the Pyramids meeting and have announced our position and that we do not have the ability to bear the material value due to the current circumstances.”

He continued, “The current conditions are difficult for all clubs in light of the lack of resources and the Football Association must take into account the clubs’ financial situation. We have many employees who have not received their salaries for more than a month.”

He continued, “The Football Association is asking me for entitlements and bearing the costs of the swabs, and I do not have the ability, what should I do?”

The Egyptian president concluded his statements, “The Egyptian football situation must be re-planned because we are not in business and the clubs must obtain a good percentage of financial resources in order to be able to bear all their obligations. We respect the Football Association and do not ask for our position to be assessed.”

Al-Masry faces his rival Pyramids tomorrow, Tuesday, in the 13th round of the Egyptian League at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

what happened?

A source at the Football Association revealed that it had suspended official Corona swabs for clubs, because the clubs did not respond to his letters about bearing the costs of the swabs.

The source told, “We did not cancel the wipes. What happened is that we addressed the clubs to pay the wipes dues for last season by one million pounds, and the current season by 2 million pounds.”

He explained, “The list approved by the clubs contains a clear clause bearing the costs of swabs.”

He revealed, “Based on the clubs not responding to our letters, we did not send surveyors to the clubs to take swabs.”

“The club that will not conduct a smear 48 hours before any match will be subject to a penalty. The Football Association has evacuated its responsibility from the matter. An official decision is expected to be issued that whoever does not perform the smear will bear a penalty,” he stressed.

He added, “Some clubs have moved and brought surveyors at their expense to conduct swabs. They can do so and inform the Football Association’s medical committee of the results 48 hours before any match.”

And most of the clubs announced their rejection of the decision, and the matter arrived According to Mohamed Adel Fathy, the general supervisor of the contractors, that the club will face Egypt for clearing Tomorrow in the league “without smears.”

This is in addition to the announcement by Faraj Amer, president of Smouha, that his club was unable to Afford the cost of wipes.


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