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FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly’s first training after Corona – physical training in two groups … and new precautions as a precaution


Al-Ahly players performed their morning training today, Wednesday, for the first time after the Corona Virus era, at Mukhtar Al-Tcher Stadium.

Maran Al-Ahly witnessed the division of players into two groups, in application of social divergence, in anticipation of the non-proliferation of Virus Corona.

Mokhtar Al-Takhar stadium witnessed a round of sterilization before the start of Al-Maran, and it was supervised by Syed Abdul Hafeez, the ball director.

The procedures and guidelines that Al-Ahly implemented today before the start of the training included cleansing and sterilizing all sports equipment, balls and training means, providing all protective supplies inside the stadium, and providing antiseptics and hand gel in the vicinity of the stadium.

Al-Ahly set the entry passes for players after renewing their entry gate, which includes a sterilization and temperature gateway.

After the sterilization was over, and before the start of the exercise, Abdel Hafeez held a session with the technical staff to talk about the preparations for the next period, while Khaled Mahmoud, the team doctor, held a conversation with the staff in the ball device immediately upon his arrival at the club’s headquarters in the island, to emphasize the precautionary and preventive controls and procedures that will be followed Before resuming the course, after a period of interruption due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Al-Ahly doctor was also keen to speak with the workers to check on all arrangements, and to take precautionary measures, while stressing the availability of disinfectants and sterilization tools in the area of ​​the stadium, spacing and the way of dealing during the exercise.

Going off the train

David Seza led the team’s general coach, Al-Maran in the presence of the Swiss coach, Rennie Fyler, outside the country. He held a lecture with the players before the start of the training, and explained the training program that the players began to implement, and he also spoke in general about the next stage and emphasized the general goals of the team from During the work plan and daily exercises.

Al-Maran set out at eight thirty in the morning, as the first group of players performed physical exercises, which included Sharif Ekrami, Ali Lutfi, Rami Rabia, Ramadan Sobhi, Mahmoud Metwally, Ahmed Fathi, Muhammad Magdi “Qafsha”, Ahmed Sheikh, Marwan Mohsen, And Junior Ajay, Mahmoud Waheed, and the rising Arab duo Badr and Muhammad Shukri.

Al-Marran began with a theoretical lecture during which David Siza, the general coach, explained the training program, and included running around the stadium, and the implementation of some physical paragraphs, to increase the rate of fitness, after a period of stopping for sports activity exceeding three months.

As for the second group of players, their training started at ten in the morning.

The second group included, Walid Suleiman, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Yasser Ibrahim, Aliyu Diang, Aliyu Badji, Muhammad Fakhry, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul, Mahmoud Kahraba, Shadi Radwan, Muhammad Hani, Mustafa Shubair, Muhammad Mahmoud, Geraldo, and Hamdi Fathi.

Al-Ahly is preparing to resume the Premier League competition again, which is scheduled for the beginning of next August.

Al-Ahly is the second club to resume training after the Pyramids team returned on Tuesday.


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