FIFA modifies the regulations regarding player loans

After the decision adopted last year by the Football Interest Groups Commission, the new regulations on player loans are ready. The regulations will be presented at the next session of the FIFA Council for approval, with the intention that they come into force on July 1, 2022.

The initial plan was to implement this new regulation in July 2020, but the process has been delayed due to the pandemic. With this modification, FIFA intends to develop younger players, promote competitive balance and avoid hoarding or accumulation of footballers.

One of the main innovations is that the number of transfers between two specific clubs per season will be limited. A club may only loan three professional footballers to a given club and receive three professional footballers on loan from that same club at any time during a season.

On the other hand, the number of loans per season of each club will be limited, each one being able to make use of 8 loans per year. However, the maximum number will gradually decrease, so that 2024 is reached with a maximum of 6 annual loans.

Players up to 21 years of age and those trained by the club itself will be exempt from these limitations.

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