Fever after Covid-19 Booster Vaccination, Know the Side Effects of Vaccines

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A person who has recently been vaccinated may suffer from side effects.

These side effects can range from mild to moderate.

However, in a study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Boston found side effects after vaccination can occur due to the suggestion, called Nocebo.

Quoted from ScienceAlert, the research team conducted 12 randomized clinical trials to determine the nocebo percentage of the original vaccine and placebo (vaccine blank).

The results showed that 64 percent of volunteers experienced nocebo after the Covid-19 vaccination.

The total number of patients in the 12 clinical trials was 45,380 patients.

A total of 22,802 patients were given the original vaccine and 22,578 patients were given a placebo.

At the first vaccination, 46.3 percent of patients reported systemic side effects.

Meanwhile, 66.7 percent of patients reported local side effects.

Then, what are the systemic and local side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine?

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