Federal 3: first home defeat of the season for Montluçon, beaten by Guéret

In charge of revenge … There were indeed both charges and revenge, this Sunday, January 23 in the afternoon, at the stadium of La Loue. Beaten at home (6-20) in the first leg, RC Guéret returned the favor to OC Montluçon by going to win in Bourbonnaise lands during the 11th day in Federal 3. The score: 26-37.

This is the first defeat at home and only the second this season for the OCM, which nevertheless takes advantage of the matches postponed with its competitors to remain leader of group 16 (40 pts). The Creusois, they are replaced (6th out of 10, 22 pts).

First half

The locals had however made the best start this Sunday, thanks to the test of Dubourgnoux on a breakthrough and to Capdeville at the foot on penalty (8-0, 10th). Alas, the visitors replied immediately with a try under the posts of Fontaine and the boot of Delfour (8-7, 13th). The end of the period was then the prerogative of the two aforementioned scorers: 14-19 for Guéret (40th).

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Second half-time

Upon returning from the locker room, we believed the Montluçonnais were finally launched after a new trickster try from Alamartine behind his forwards (21-19, 47th). But again, the Guérétois fought back immediately, and twice moreover, taking advantage of the apathetic opposing defense: doubled by Fontaine as a soloist (21-24, 50th), then test by Valent after a number signed Ric (21-31 , 52nd).

The sure foot of Delfour (two transformations, six penalties, two failures) did the rest. Despite a final baroud concluded collectively after a penalty (26-34, 70th), the Auvergnats let the victory slip away, the derby… and a little pride, too.

The sheet

– Match : Guéret beats Montluçon 26 to 37 (half-time: 14-16) at the stadium of La Loue. Referee: Mr. Ionut. Spectators: around 400.
– Dots.Montluçon: 3 attempts by Dubourgnoux (4th), Alamartine (47th), collective (70th); 3 penalties (10th, 15th, 17th) and 1 conversion from Capdeville. Guéret: 3 tries from Fontaine (13th, 50th), Vallent (52nd); 6 penalties (30th, 32nd, 40th, 43rd, 62nd, 80th) and 2 transformations from Delfour.
– White cards.Montluçon: Chiteishvili (30th), Van Niekerk (40th), Augaudy (80th). Guéret: Alves Correia (47th).
– Yellow card. Montluçon : Chataignier (55e).
– Reservations.Montlucon 17 – Gueret 13.

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Luc Barre

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