Fearful wait! SpaceX rocket out of control on a collision course with the Moon


Launched from Florida in 2015, the SpaceX rocket Falcon 9’s course spiraled out of control. The rocket, which is planned to conduct climate research in deep space, is expected to hit the Moon in the near future.


Astronomers SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 rocket deviates from its course after spending 7 years in space. AyHe explained that he was on a course where he would hit .

RocketIt was launched into space from Florida, USA in February 2015. Falcon 9’s space mission was to send a climate satellite on a one-million-mile journey.

But after the rocket sent the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Deep Space Climate Observation satellite to a rendezvous point called Lagrange—which has a gravitational field four times that of the Moon and is in direct orbit with the sun—the rocket veered off course and entered a derelict spaceship. He started acting like a tool.

At this point the rocket was so high that it no longer had enough fuel to return to Earth’s atmosphere. Moreover, it did not have enough energy to escape the gravitational system between the Earth and the Moon.


On top of all these developments, the rocket called Falcon 9 has been floating in a ‘chaotic’ orbit since 2015.


According to space watchers, this 4-ton ‘space junk’ is traveling at a speed of 2.58 kilometers per second, in an orbit that will crash into the Moon in just a few weeks.

According to Bill Gray, who develops software to track celestial bodies around the world, Falcon 9 will hit the dark side of the Moon, the equatorial region, on March 4, 2022. According to the data Gray analyzed, the rocket passed very close to the Moon on January 5, but the impact expected on March 4 is almost certain.

According to Gray, this will also be the first space junk to hit the Moon in an unintended – unplanned – way.

Although the point of impact with the Moon cannot be calculated precisely because the deviation from the route may occur due to the propulsion effect of the sunlight that will affect the rocket, according to experts, the diameter of this effect is small and does not eliminate the possibility of the rocket hitting the Moon between today and March 4.

On the other hand, it is thought that this collision cannot be observed from Earth. Because the collision will take place a few days after New Moon and will not be visible from the earth.


news-fullwith-img">Fearful anticipation SpaceX rocket out of control on a collision course with the Moon

However, space enthusiasts still think that this collision is important and could provide valuable information to humanity. Because until now we have had the opportunity to measure the impact of space debris hitting the Earth, but this will be the first time for the Moon.

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