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Mosquitoes need blood to reproduce. Therefore, the females can sting.

Mosquitoes are on balmy summer evenings or on holiday, annoying companion, your stitches uncomfortable. This year, there are a lot of mosquitoes, because the Winter was mild, and the March hot and humid. So were able to breed the mosquitoes early and abundant. Why stinging mosquitoes, anyway? What attracts animals and how can you protect yourself?

Why stinging mosquitoes?

It’s just the mosquito bites in females. You need a specific protein in our blood to form after fertilization of the eggs.

Why are stung some people more than others?

Mosquitoes like acid odors, such as ammonia, urine or milk. Created when you sweat and the sweat is decomposed on the skin. This is different for each person and therefore some attract more mosquitoes than others. The breath plays a role, because mosquitoes find humans primarily through the carbon dioxide the breathe out. The more CO2 someone exhales, the more likely he is stung. This is also the reason that Pregnant women are more often stung, because you are breathing for two and can be found more easily by the animals.

Transmit Mosquito Diseases?

In principle, this is possible. However, the local mosquito-transferred diseases. However, the attributed to Robert-Koch-Institute that in the coming years, the West Nile could spread the Virus from local mosquitoes. There are also fears that exotic mosquito species like the Asian tiger mosquito could bring with us and spread diseases such as the dangerous Zika or Dengue Virus. So far, the Federal government’s environmental Agency, but only a low risk, because “the number of virus carriers is low and the Occurrence is limited”. However, the office points out that the spread of the tiger mosquito – is increasing, especially in southern Germany – and, therefore, as “potential risk” to the health to be classified.

Why itching of mosquito bites?

With the sting of the mosquito, a local anesthetic, and blood coagulation-inhibiting Secretions from entering the puncture wound. The body can’t fight like, and releases the neurotransmitter histamine. This is a vasodilator and allows fluid into the tissues leak. The local swelling and itching produced. Sometimes inflammation can be the result, and some people also react allergic to the sting.

Reporter in a Survival Camp in Malente.

What helps against mosquitoes?

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Outdoor expert Detlef Kamerau and physician Dr. Julia Maerker skin, Vent, give tips against buzzing pests.

What to do if you have been stung by a mosquito?

Cool, if necessary, a cooling apply ointment that contains an antihistamine, the allergic reactions are suppressed. Not to scratch, because you rubbed otherwise bacteria and it can lead to infection. Who is strongly allergic to mosquito bites, you should always have an Emergency kit and seek medical attention.

How can I avoid mosquito bites?

Long-sleeved clothing and exposed skin with insect repellent and RUB in or spray on. Fragrance lamps don’t really help. It is better to protect the skin directly. In addition, mosquito nets help to the pests away.

For More Information

Mosquito repellent

What helps against mosquitoes? Market compares natural and chemical mosquito repellent. And what are the home remedies to help with itching?

Mosquito spray © photo: benhammad

A warm summer evening, many like to spend Outdoors. However, lurking there, mosquitoes often. How can you protect yourself effectively from the stinging insects?

A mosquito sits on human skin and sucks blood. © Picture-Alliance / ZB - Fotoreport

Inflamed mosquito bites can lead to serious complications. How can I protect against infections? And what helps against the annoying itching?

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