Family with children evacuated after their house was hit by a barn roof

The announced storm in the north is causing trouble.

A number of roads are closed and ferries are canceled due to the strong winds.

A family with children in Harstad got a real shock late Sunday night.

The roof of a barn collapsed, lightened in the wind and thundered into their home.

– Loose objects are thrown around

– The home has been damaged, but no people should be injured. The family with children in the house has sought refuge in the basement, says operations manager Morten Augensen to TV 2.

The operations manager states that they have a police patrol on the way.

– The family stays in the basement until we arrive. They do not dare to leave the house for fear that the barn may collapse, says Augesen.

Just before midnight, the family with children was evacuated by firefighters.

– Fire crews have now evacuated them to the fire truck. A dog has also been evacuated. There is a strong wind on the spot, and the barn has collapsed. Difficult working conditions for the emergency services, as loose objects from the barn are thrown around by the wind, the police say.

More danger warnings

Hazard warnings have been issued for storms in a number of places in northern Norway, and gusts of between 35-40 meters per second are expected.

StormGeo meteorologist Roar Inge Hansen says that it is fevolving storm centers in the Norwegian Sea.

– It goes fast northeast in express speed. In fact, they maintain a speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour, and the wind it brings with it is at least as strong.

The strong wind has led to a number of roads being closed.

– This night will probably be quite hectic, says operations manager Augesen.

The case is being updated!

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