Business Fall "dizzying" job, according to Adecco

Fall “dizzying” job, according to Adecco


The pandemic of sars coronavirus has caused a downward spiral in the number of job offers in the second quarter, finds Adecco Switzerland. The fall is ‘dizzying’ and the situation more severe compared to the 2008-2009 financial crisis. The French-speaking Switzerland is more affected.

Over three months, the job offers have plunged by 27% in Switzerland between April and June, ” says the giant of the acting, which publishes on Tuesday its Swiss Job Market Index. The survey, conducted with the University of Zurich (UZH), shows that all the categories are affected, to varying degrees.

‘In almost all areas of life-social, economic and cultural public have been forced to stop overnight. Logically, trades that involve a personal contact closer and a very quick are currently particularly affected’, ” says Anna von Ow, of the Institute of sociology of the UZH, as quoted in a press release.

The category of hotel, catering and services to the person suffers the decrease in the most brutal, with -39%, followed by trade and sales, of the segment office and administration as well as management and organization (-35% for three). The industry (-21%), and health (-22%) derive from the language, in proportions less significant.

The folds the less strong are registered in the technical and natural science (-17%) as well as in the building and in the second place (-18%), according to Adecco Switzerland.

Telework no effect

Some professions have not been able to reverse the trend, despite the possible use of teleworking, such as banking, finance, accounting and insurance, which the job offers fell by 19%.

‘We assume that the current situation will accelerate the process of transformation, to automate and digitize even more of the processes of production and labour’, says Monica Dell ‘ Anna, general director of Adecco Switzerland.

The lake geneva region (with the Valais) and the Espace Mittelland, which includes the cantons of Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Jura and Bern to record the largest decline of 29%. Side-German, all the geographical areas show declines of more than 20%. Eastern Switzerland is less worse than the other, to -24%.

According to Anna von Ow, Switzerland is going through a slump which, for the moment, is much worse than the previous ones, in particular the financial crisis of 2008-2009, where the impact was less ‘sudden’.

‘The good news is that the descent into hell has stopped. Since the abrupt collapse of the first three weeks, the number of job offers has stabilized, at a level certainly low, relative to its share Monica Dell’anna. Switzerland would be better in an international comparison.

The Adecco Swiss Job Market Index is published four times per year and is based on counts quarterly representative job offers in the press, portals, online job sites and Internet businesses.




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