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Facts-various – Justice | missing children : police raise two witnesses


The national police issued on Monday two new calls for witnesses in relation to the disappearances, unsolved child of 8 years and a teenager of 17 years, dating back respectively to nine and 23 years old.

On the occasion of the world day of missing children, the central office for the repression of violence against a person (OCRVP) has decided to revive these two former surveys.
“We are specialized in cold boxes and we wanted to put a sudden spotlight on the disappearances of the disturbing Mathis Jouanneau and Cécile Vallin,” explained the boss of the Office, Eric Berot.

The small Mathis was 8 years old at the time of his disappearance in September 2011 in Caen. “He has been abducted by his father, who then had wandered around for 3 months before being arrested near Montpellier, but only. We don’t know what happened, if the child is alive or dead,” said Eric Berot. “We have decided to repeat the analysis on a criminal case and put in the call to witness is a photo of the small, aged (at the age of 16 years old) and a dating of its disappearance”.

For the record Cécile Vallin, the disappearance is even more ancient and dates back to June 1997. The teenager, who was then 17 years old, had left on foot in the late afternoon, the family home of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Savoie). She was seen the last time on a provincial road in the direction of Chambéry.

“She absconded. All assumptions are considered. A letter rogatory has been issued in order to re-assess the case”, commented Eric Berot.

The police has re-launched these two calls to witnesses on Twitter, in particular, with for each one a data sheet describing, as well as the circumstances of their disappearance.

Addresses are provided for each of them: [email protected] for Cécile Vallin, [email protected] for Mathis Jouanneau.

In cases of disappearance concern, the police are asked to call 17 or 112.

In 2019, 1441 disappearances disturbing of minors have been reported in France.


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