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Facts-various – Justice | It insults the mayor on Facebook : low-profile court


The facts date back to October 2019. The page Faceboook entitled “You’re of Kédange if” has published a photo of the new lights fitted recently the common. A realization approved by the municipal council. Nothing scandalous there, in the case of a equipment meant to improve the safety of road users and pedestrians.

Yet, an inhabitant of Monneren of 50 years, who spent his youth in Kédange, feels compelled to put his grain of salt, with the smell nauseating. “Are you really an asshole the mayor, an old fool of shit,” he wrote. And then, in a second commentary, he adds : “incompetent to hang “.

“Limits not to be exceeded “

The mayor in question, John Kieffer, who was elected to this position since 2008 and recently confirmed for a third term, decides not to stay there and files a complaint for slander public . “I’m not against criticism,” he said on Tuesday, in the salle des pas perdus of the tribunal correctionnel de Thionville, ” but there are limits not to be exceeded. “

At the bar, the accused is unable to explain his motives. “I don’t know,” he replied each time that the president questions him. “I have nostalgia for my village, my father still lives “, will be the only words he uttered during the hearing. The father, a former deputy, was presented in 2008 and had been beaten by the list of John Kieffer. “Cause and effect relationship ? “, suggests Anne Rupp, the president of the court. The accused pretended not to understand. “This is not because it is behind a computer screen that has the right to take such remarks, especially against an elected official “, storm Me Merll, the lawyer of Jean Kieffer.

The public prosecutor demands a penalty of € 1,500 in damages and a fine of 1 000 €. The court ultimately sentenced to a fine of 150 €, with probation, to pay 75 € to the mayor in respect of the injury and pay the sum of € 300 in court costs.


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