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Facebook viral: Man tries to raise lazy lion, without imagining that feline would have a sudden reaction | Viral video | Face | Fb | Social Networks | Russia | Taigan | Social networks


Very scary. A tourist shared in Facebook a viral video that has put the creeps of thousands of users who are lovers of wild animals. What happened? A caretaker of felines entered the cage of a Lion to wake him up, but he had a fearsome reaction that frightened the audience behind bars, at the Taigan Zoo, in Russia, a fact that has been viralized in countries like Mexico, United States and Spain.

The publication has been viralized in countries like Mexico, United States and Spain thanks to the dissemination of Oleg Zubkov, author of the video of Facebook.

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In case you didn’t know, the amusement park Taigan, located in Russia, is an enclosure that houses more than 300 felines. In the place there are also meetings of people with dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, among others.

This time, the zoo owner, Oleg Zubkov, was recorded inside a lazy cage Lion I didn’t want to stop sleeping. In the viral video from Facebook You can see the moment when the caregiver holds the jaws of the cat and he tries to attack it.

However, the predator does not achieve its task due to the rapid reaction of Oleg Zubkov. If you want to see this dramatic scene that has put the creeps of more than one user of Facebook, we share the viral video.

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Lazy loaded component

Also, don’t forget to check our gallery of Photos. Remember that, to see the images, all you have to do is slide each one to the left.

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Young man enters the lion sanctuary to take a ‘selfie’ and receives it effusively

Unexpected outcome. A young has become ‘famous’ in Youtube and others networks social, after an impressive video viral which shows him entering the cage of some huge lions with the intention of getting a selfie, without imagining the effusive ‘welcome’ that the huge predators would give him. The images became trend in several countries, such as Mexico, Spain, U.S, among others, and thousands of netizens have not hesitated to share them with their friends. Have you seen them yet? Here we leave them.

Bill The Lion Whisperer from Youtube shared the video where the man appears next to a couple of lions, in Africa. The description of the clip detailed that it was about Kevin Richardson, a famous youtuber caretaker of wild animals.

Lazy loaded component

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Man puts his hand in the mouth of fierce lion and predator has unusual reaction

Awesome. A shocking video of Facebook that turned viral in a few minutes as it revealed the effusive reaction that had a huge Lion when he saw that a man entered his room to put his hand in his mouth. The images captured in the safari Black Jaguar While Tiger, in Mexico they have become trend in countries like Brazil, Spain and the United States. Have you seen them yet? Here you can find them.

The viral video of Facebook The famous feline coach Eduardo Serio, a man of Mexico who starred in a “scary” scene with a huge Lion. As can be seen in the filming that is a trend, the man placed his hand inside the mouth of the predator. What happened to the risky subject? Keep reading to be aware of everything.



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