Technology Facebook kill Oculus Go - that's the head-turning VR

Facebook kill Oculus Go – that’s the head-turning VR


Facebook puts a stop with Head turns-VR and the Oculus Go takes two years to Appear on the market. The company intends to invest even more in the future in its 6DOF platforms.

By the end of 2019 Facebook had the Smartphone-glasses Samsung Gear VR onhalf a year later, Oculus Go the following now. In the Oculus Blog, the company writes that the Oculus Quest to be “overwhelmingly good”, and that Quest would have given users to understand that 6DOF “as the The future of VR to the touch”.

“For this reason, we will not sell 3DOF glasses, and is instead stronger in the Quest and Rift-investing platform,” it says.

Go users will be able to use the VR glasses to continue. Facebook wants to provide the operating system to 2022 with bug fixes and security updates, but no new features to add. From the age of 18. December 2020 no new Apps and more in the Oculus Store.

With the From of the Smartphone-glasses Samsung Gear VR and Daydream View as well as Oculus Go should be sealed to the end of the 3DOF-Era final.

Oculus Go: condemned To an early death

Oculus Go was Facebook’s first standalone VR glasses. Due to its 3DOF trackingthe only rotations, but no spatial movements of the head and the hands, got the device in a technical behind and was already made a year after the publication by the independent 6DOF glasses Oculus Quest almost obsolete.

The tracking deficits of the Oculus Go restricted to the VR-application scenarios strong, which is why the VR-glasses was also marketed primarily as a media playback device, to the other head of rotation-VR was a guarantee of VR Nausea.

The only Argument for Oculus Go of the was low pricethe beginning of 2020 even deeper was assumed to beto, as is now clear, the residual item to get rid of.

Twitter Facebook regrets of former VR-chief engineer and Go-supporter John Carmack the Farewell to Oculus GoThe potential of the system had not been exhausted, generally, Go had in Oculus internally many opponents. It was not yet clear what would want to the mass market VR.

By eliminating the Oculus Go, the resulting gap in the market for a Budget pair of glasses could fill Facebook may be a cheaper Oculus Quest, which is delivered without a Touch Controller, and only hand-tracking supported.

Source and cover image: Facebook

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