Fabien Roussel defends a France “of work and wages”

Purchasing power, employment, business aid, immigration… Invited for the first time to the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury, Fabien Roussel developed some of the key topics of his campaign. His leitmotif: the daily life of the French people and ensuring that that everyone has a job in good conditions “. With a first proposal on the price of gasoline. ” I’ll block and lower fuel prices by 30 euro cents, it’s possible “, assures the communist presidential candidate. The 15 billion euro cost of this measure being offset by ” taking dividends from the oil companies, which themselves make a lot of money ».

On employment, aluminum parts in hand, Fabien Roussel talks about the liquidation of the SAM foundry, a Renault subcontractor in Aveyron in Decazeville, and its 333 jobs (read below), to rise against the ” major industrial move “. For him, prohibiting relocations, “ this is how we preserve jobs and fight against the high cost of living “. And to assume a tough rhetoric towards multinationals » and another towards SMEs “ who suffer ». « I propose to lower their charges », continues Fabien Roussel, “ not the social contributions but the financial ones, those linked to the rise in the cost of energy, [au] insurance prices “leaves at” nationalize Axa ».

Convince the popular electorate

To finance all this, the PCF candidate intends to distribute the 250 billion euros in state aid to given companies in a different way ” without consideration “by putting” conditions » and also « recover 80 to 100 billion euros in tax havens “. To lower the energy bill, he advocates the establishment of a ” energy utility » and advocates a « investment in nuclear ».

More generally, Fabien Roussel intends to reconquer of a popular electorate “giving him back” hope “, admitting that part of the left-wing electorate has lost its way” in the extreme vote » or, for many, ” in abstention ».

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