Extra deliberation of mayors on catering and culture | Inland

The mayors want the cabinet to let the catering and culture sector know what their near future looks like this week. The council wants ‘a really concrete plan’ to be put on the table. They believe that the cabinet can no longer wait until next Tuesday, as announced at the last press conference. According to the mayors, relaxation is possible, but if this is not possible for urgent medical reasons, the cabinet must explain this clearly and clearly and also say when the doors can open, according to the council. It is not known whether the cabinet will meet the mayors’ wishes.

The council will also look back on the action day of theaters and museums. It was agreed in advance that enforcement would be enforced, because reopenings in the cultural sector are not yet allowed under the corona rules. When the catering industry held an action day last Saturday, mayors dealt with it differently, but that “didn’t deserve a beauty prize”, according to council chairman Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen.

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