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NEW YORK – The statue of the famous “Fearless Girl”, or “Fearless Girl” will remain in front of the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange, where it was placed for the first time in 2018, for another three years, by decision of the Commission for the Preservation of Historical Monuments.

The work, which challenges gender inequality, has yet to obtain permission from the Public Design Commission, which evaluates a work’s symbolism, location and impact, according to CNBC.

This commission meets once a month and is expected to do so next January or February.

In 2017, the bronze statue was installed in front of the famous Wall Street bull, and a year later it was moved in front of the headquarters of the main stock market.

The “Fearless Girl” was staged by surprise on the eve of Women’s Day, in an installation financed by a private company and without the corresponding permits.

Days later, New York authorities said that location in front of the bull would be temporary, until a new location was found for it.

About a dozen activists have asked that the work, by the Uruguayan-American sculptor Kristen Visbal, who weighs 113.4 kilos and measures 1.21 meters, be located permanently, according to CNBC.

“We are going to make sure this statue remains here in Lower Manhattan,” said Christopher Marte, councilman-elect for that area of ​​the city.

On the other hand, the iconic bull, located nearby and which has become a landmark in this city, was the target of an act of vandalism when a man spray-painted a swastika on the statue.

Police are after the man who did it, who they say has painted swastikas in three places in a span of 11 days, also including a column from the Mayor’s Office.


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