News Extend the partial unemployment? "The wrong path"

Extend the partial unemployment? “The wrong path”



An economist, member of the working group Covid-19 of the Confederation, believes that the money would be invested in the continuous training.


A professor of economics at the university of St Gallen opposes the extension of partial unemployment in Switzerland, despite the crisis linked to the sars coronavirus. It is in the “wrong direction,” she said Monday in newspapers of the press group to CH-Media.

In the prolonging, “it cements economic structures that aren’t sustainable,” says professor Monika Bütler, a member of the working group Covid-19 of the swiss Confederation. Businesses deciding to the need for a restructuring are not going to wait twelve months, she adds.
She would prefer that the money be invested in continuing education, “so that those who lose a job have a better chance”.

No dissent to the Task Force

It should in any case not to touch social security, “a very well-developed in international comparison”, she says. The only gap that she sees, for older workers, who have few opportunities to find a job.
Mr. Bütler also states that it is not necessary to adapt the debt brake. A portion of the law allows you to extend the repayment of the debt, she notes. “Instead of reducing in six years, [on peut le faire, ndlr] in fifteen years, for example”.

While the head of the Task Force Covid-19 Matthias Egger was concerned about Sunday, with the pace of the déconfinement in Switzerland, the professor of economy ensures that there is no division within it between the representatives of the health and the economy. “It became clear very quickly that this is not the government’s actions that determine the severity of the economic crisis, but the behavior of the population, the spread of the virus, as well as the situation abroad”.



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