Explosions at warehouses in Kazakhstan: dozens of victims

Large-scale fire in warehouses in Kazakhstan

The fire with explosions in the military unit continues. The Ministry of Defense says that engineering ammunition is detonating.

As a result of the explosion at military warehouses in Kazakhstan, 66 people were injured, the newspaper reports. tengrinews Thursday, 26 August.

The injured were hospitalized in the city hospital №1 of the city of Taraz. Most of them received minor injuries, two were seriously injured.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, the military and units were evacuated.

The fire in the warehouse of the military unit continues.

“Engineering ammunition is stored in the warehouse. This type of ammunition is intended to detonate, and does not have long-range projectiles. Therefore, as a result of the explosions, fragments and fragments of ammunition did not scatter. in the department.

According to the ministry, there is information about 12 servicemen of the military unit who sought medical help.

“The dynamics of the fire is typical for the ignition of engineering ammunition. The ongoing fire at the engineering ammunition depot may be caused by the combustion of TNT stored there,” the message says.

According to the Ministry of Defense, traces in the sky may be caused by the fire of signal cartridges stored in the warehouse.

Recall explosion in a military unit occurred at about 19:00.

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